Address Given to the Scranton Cannabis Festival Crowd by Neal Gale April 22, 2018

//Address Given to the Scranton Cannabis Festival Crowd by Neal Gale April 22, 2018

Address Given to the Scranton Cannabis Festival Crowd by Neal Gale

April 22, 2018

Good morning, I am Neal Gale, running for United States Senate. My campaign is all about bringing this big family back together. With many voices, sometimes at odds, but one family!

I’m Looking to bring your voices to the floor of the Senate. I’m guessing you are interested telling our leaders many things, including, that you want to see the decriminalization of cannabis – the complete decriminalization.

You would tell them that the real danger surrounding cannabis is the violence of the underground drug economy and the incarceration system created by its very prohibition.

You would tell them that legalizing cannabis will end that violence, much like ending alcohol prohibition ended the violence of the underground alcohol crime syndicates. It’s time to take cannabis off the black market, stop wasting money and ruining lives by prosecuting victimless crimes, reduce prison populations that disproportionately affect black and brown communities and exonerate the records of those convicted on marijuana-related offenses.

Why do we care about all of that?

Some of us are interested in being able to enjoy the plant without fear of being arrested.  Since 2010, arrests for marijuana possession in Pennsylvania have risen by 33%. If you are a person of color in Pennsylvania, you are 8 times more likely to be arrested for using Marijuana, even though use is about equal among all of us.

Decriminalizing cannabis will be a powerful first step towards repairing our unbalanced system of incarceration, and possibly the lives that have been torn apart by the war on drugs.

Maybe you like the idea of developing cannabis as a cash crop and hemp in its many forms to be used in many industries. Maybe you like the idea of generating outstanding revenues for the Commonwealth. Let farmers grow cannabis and hemp, increase tax revenues which might then be reinvested back into communities most impacted by the drug war. Maybe use that money to train people to build a new, green energy infrastructure.

But isn’t cannabis dangerous?

Cannabis overdoses are unheard of. Dangerous impacts on health are likewise not common. However deaths from prescription drug overdoses are very common in the United States. Approximately 25,000 people died from prescription drug overdoses in 2014. Around 19,000 of these deaths came from prescription opioid pain relievers such as methadone and Oxycontin.

And since the first retail recreational marijuana stores opened on January 1, 2014, Colorado has benefited from a decrease in opioid-related deaths, a decrease in traffic fatalities, an increase in tax revenue dedicated to school construction and there’s even a bill under consideration in the Colorado legislature to allow school nurses to administer medical marijuana doses.

And hundreds of thousands of patients suffering from chronic pain and cancers are benefiting from the availability of medical marijuana under various state laws.

So join my campaign, which is focused on bringing the voices of Pennsylvania’s grass roots democracy – you folks right here – to the US Senate. I’ll make sure they are heard and acted upon. We can no longer accept anything less. Our concerns are too great and the prevailing inaction, too dangerous for our well-being and that of our children, and everyone else who’ll be living on into the future!

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