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Free Press

There has been much talk since Donald Trump began running for President and since he was elected, regarding the news media and whether they are accurately and appropriately reporting the news. The idea of fake news has divided our country along partisan lines and facts don’t seem to be clearly understood by everyone in the same way.

I believe this is flagrant political maneuvering and very dangerous to our democracy! The free press is the only occupation protected specifically by the Constitution. The authors of that document understood that without a free press to provide the truth about what government officials are doing, in particular with regards to public spending, those officials would have no reason to adhere to their lawful oaths or maintain any discipline whatever.

Moreover, the continual condemnation of news agencies, journalists and the news itself as partial, inaccurate and conspiratorial allows politicians to shape the truth in the minds of their political followers, in spite of what might have said or done to the contrary.

I am committed to keeping the press free, as a critically important aspect of our democracy. I would not want the government interfering with how information is disseminated throughout our society and would support returning to a strict net-neutrality policy, to avoid the promotion of one source of information over another.