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Project Description

Harassment and Sexual Assault

Women have a fundamental right to protections against harassment and sexual assault. Unfortunately, we do not yet have laws, effective enough to prevent such activity from happening and able to severely punish perpetrators when it does. Sexual harassment and assault is so pervasive and damaging to survivors, that I believe we need a federal response, designed to alter our perception of this as a social norm and ultimately eliminate this aberrant behavior from our society.

I will support a federally funded national curriculum for elementary through high school aged students, designed to provide them with a basis for understanding the issues surrounding sexual harassment and assault.

I will work to abolish the ability for federal workers to pay settlements for sexual harassment cases out of the taxpayer funded, Judgment Fund, run out of the Treasury Department, which distributes billions annually — more than $4.3 billion in fiscal 2016, the most recent year available — to pay financial judgments and awards against the United States on a range of issues, including sexual harassment claims.

I will propose federally funded support systems for women in abusive relationships, including legal services, shelters for women and their children and job training and placement.