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LGBTQ Rights

I will support the passage of legislation such as the Equality Act, which would protect LGBT individuals from discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodation. I believe it is critically important to support such legislation, as long as people in our society face daily discrimination due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

 Throughout the country there is a lack of basic legal protections leaving people at risk regarding the basic areas of their lives including employment, housing, finances, education, access to federally funded programs, and jury duty, as well as their physical safety and that of their families.

Since the majority of LGBTQ Americans report having experienced discrimination in their lives, based on who they are as people, it is imperative that specific, federal legal protections be enacted. It is no longer acceptable for anyone to have to face harassment or discrimination, and the Equality Act would go a long way towards preventing that.

 I will fight legislation such as the First Amendment Defense Act, that would allow individuals, government officials or government agencies to deny providing goods and services to LGBT individuals because of their religious beliefs. This would support a person’s right to discriminate against another person, based on moral objections to that person’s nature. And I draw a distinction between morality and ethics, which I believe must be observed here