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Social Security

The federal government has an agreement with its citizens to provide Social Security benefits and Medicare, which those citizens have been paying for, through their entire work lives. It is unacceptable for the government to declare that these programs are becoming insolvent and unless we reduce the benefits, we will not be able to continue payments.

I am not concerned about Social Security and Medicare becoming insolvent for economic reasons. Their ongoing sustainability is not a question of financial soundness, but one of political will and intention. I believe our leaders are prioritizing the money we spend, to favor the wealthiest among us at the expense of everyone else.

I will work to re-prioritize the federal budget, moving funds away from military expenditures like upgrading our nuclear arsenal, and redistributing those dollars to bolster programs designed to help all of our people, like social security.

I will support the reformation of the federal tax code to increase rates on taxpayers in the upper two brackets, reduce rates on those paying in the lower three brackets, and increase taxes on corporations.