Project Description


I will not support trade deals that favor corporate interests over people, the environment or social and economic justice, which have all been under attack for decades. I will fight for deals that measure success as progress made towards reshaping worldwide energy policies, to reflect reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating real, tangible opportunities for all people to see actual gains in their lives.

Trade is perhaps the one power extended to our legislators, that is most easily used to enrich the wealthiest Americans. Both major parties recognize its capacity to favor the financial industries, multi-national corporations, wealthy individuals and politicians themselves over the life of a carefully constructed agreement. I will not support trade deals that are designed to favor specific corporations at the expense of their employees.

I will always review any trade agreement that comes before me, with these criteria in mind:

  • Job outsourcing should be reduced

  • Intellectual property must be protected

  • Traditional economies in emerging markets must be protected from competing multi-national industries in the developed markets

  • Adequate labor protection must be in place to prevent poor working conditions

  • Natural resources in emerging markets must be protected

  • indigenous cultures must be protected