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Voting Rights

I will support every citizen’s constitutionally guaranteed right to vote! Having been a poll worker in my community, I recognize that the first step in building a grass roots democracy, where our system of self-governance can be fully exercised, is to do whatever we can to ease the way for everyone to vote. We must also convince potential voters that there is a reason to vote and when they do, it will count.

I will fight for legislation to make voter registration as accessible as possible for all citizens, reversing unwarranted restrictions put in place to control turn-out. I would like to see election day become a national holiday and I will support federal funding to provide election day transportation (electric vehicles, of course) for those citizens who would otherwise be unable to reach their polling place.

I will support fair districting practices throughout the country, beginning with Pennsylvania, to reverse the current practice of loading districts with one party’s voters, according to the two major party’s designs, guaranteeing electoral wins for each.

I will also champion the cause of providing resources to bring the latest voting technology into our polling places, replacing the existing, digital screen machines, whose counts cannot be verified, with less expensive paper ballot machines.

I will push for an alternative vote counting process, Ranked Choice Voting, rather than continuing with the current “Plurality” system, to encourage voting for who we really want to see in office, rather than voting out of concern that the “wrong” candidate will be elected.