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Neal Gale

Neal’s civic engagement includes serving on the Abington Township Energy Advisory Council, where he has focused on issues surrounding climate change. He has also been an active participant with the Southeast PA Chapter of Ready For 100, PennEnvironment, PennFuture and the BucksMont Citizens’ Climate Lobby, all working to bring about a transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy in Pennsylvania.

For the past forty years Neal has worked in the energy conservation and efficiency fields, currently managing a comprehensive, low-income energy affordability program in conjunction with the six investor-owned utilities, under the Clean Energy Program as mandated by the NJ Board of Public Utilities.

Neal remains passionate about doing whatever he can to help rein in greenhouse gas emissions and slow their impact on the changing climate. He sees this as his responsibility, as someone who has lived his entire life benefiting from of our fossil fuel based society and now understands the results of burning fossil fuels for two-hundred plus years. He owes this to his children, and everyone else who will be continuing on into the future.

Neal lives in Abington Township, Montgomery County, with his wife and younger daughter. His older daughter lives in South Philadelphia, where she is a Therapist, working with people who are trying to manage their drug addictions.

“We need someone who will stand up in the U.S. Senate and declare a state of emergency regarding our changing climate and the devastating impact it is already having on our communities, our state, around the country and across the globe.”

Neal supports a transition to 100% clean, renewable energy which will, by its nature, foster local, democratic control of our energy resources, rather than continuing the centralized systems now in place. This transition will provide the means to slow down and ultimately halt the continued output of greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.

“I believe our foreign policy must accomplish three tasks; strengthen our ties with our allies, establish workable diplomatic channels with our adversaries and reassert our role as the preeminent world leader regarding the issues that impact all nations. These tasks are not intended to elevate the United States above other nations nor to glorify our standing in the world. They are a practical path to address the significant issues we face globally, which, in my view, require a more reflective approach. ”

As a Green Party candidate, Neal takes a different view on military expenditures than either Senator Casey or Senator Toomey. Consistent with Green Party values, he staunchly opposes the resource-driven wars of the twenty-first century, believing they are primarily compelled by corporate interests. He believes we should not be sending our men and women to fight and die in such ventures, and that government resources can and must be used more wisely.

“As your Senator, I will propose legislation to address climate change, reduce the U.S. nuclear arsenal, limit our participation in wars and transform our economic model to one that supports a baseline standard of living, including affordable, quality health care for all.”

Solar Array in Backyard

Younger Daughter Switches On the Array in 2013

Wendy and Neal

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