Vote Neal Gale for U.S. Senate in PA

Nov 6th 2018

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Neal Gale

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Click HERE to listen to Neal’s interview on WITF Radio. It’s half way through the item titled “Venezuela Crisis and Sen…” on their list.

Click HERE to see Neal’s interview on PCN TV .

Grass Roots Democracy

The first of the Four Pillars of the Green Party is Grass Roots Democracy. This fundamental precept of our system of self-governance requires that all citizens participate in determining what our common goals are, what our mutual concerns are and how we should address them. I am committed to listening to the perspectives of all Pennsylvanians in order to discover how we can resolve the problems that impact us all, across the political spectrum.

We ARE one family, with many voices! It’s time to come together!

Ecological Wisdom

The danger posed by our changing climate cannot be overstated. More than 99% of climate scientists agree that it is caused by the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere due to our consumption of fossil fuels, and the resultant increase in temperatures worldwide.

I will work tirelessly and with the greatest urgency to introduce legislation to adopt the framework of the Green New Deal, designed to engage and challenge our existing economy, re-purposing it, so that it supports the transformation of our current energy infrastructure to 100% clean, renewable energy.

Social Justice

Now, more than ever, in order to sustain our democratic ideals and our promise of a country, within which everyone might flourish, all members of our society must be guaranteed their constitutionally protected rights. It is unacceptable that any among us live in fear of institutionalized repression and discrimination, based on our race, ethnicity, gender, sexual alignment or other distinctions. As your U.S. Senator, I will not accept that.

I recognize that social injustice has its roots in economic injustice, and will act to reform our economic model into one that intrinsically values the well-being of our families, our children and our society at large, so it supports and sustains all of our people above a baseline standard of living.

Peaceful Co-existence

As the possibility of an intentional, or more likely, an accidental “tactical” battlefield nuclear strike grows more and more credible, the need to reduce global tensions and cement global interdependence, has become paramount.

We must act with great urgency to lessen tensions surrounding global hotspots in the Middle East, the South China Sea, the Korean Peninsula and in Ukraine, to name four. I will work tirelessly to promote this goal, as well as focusing on reducing and ultimately eliminating nuclear arsenals, worldwide.

Neal and Emily